Human Rights Violations Control Cell (HRVCC) is a non-profit earning organisation founded in 2011 at the National Capital and operating all over India with sole aim to protect, uphold and spread awareness about the human rights of the citizens of India in general and the deprived in particular, as enshrined and guaranteed in our Constitution. HRVCC is a group of former bureaucrats, eminent professionals from various fields, journalists, social activists, doctors, lawyers, bollywood celebrities and prominent citizens conversed, concerned and dedicated to the cause of Human Rights of their fellow citizens in India.

HRVCC, hand-in-hand with other Human Rights groups working at far-flung places, organises various programs and social movements for the all-round development of the marginalised, thereby reaching to the grass-root level to ensure that the rights of impoverished and the under-privileged people are upheld, as guaranteed under the Constitution of India. HRVCC challenges every form of oppression, exploitation and discrimination against any group or individual on the grounds of caste, creed, gender, disability, age, religion, language, ethnicity, economic or social status. HRVCC provides pro bono legal services, files Public Interest Litigations for the justice to the common-man, engages in advocacy, conducts legal awareness programmes for the disadvantaged, the Legal Cell of HRVCC examines and investigates all type of violations of fundamental rights of the citizenry across the nation and voluntarily contends all such violations by State and Non-State Actors, publishes regular journals containing materials related to Human Rights & Social Justice for the benefit of society in general and, the needy in particular. The journals so published educate and inform the masses about their human rights, as enshrined in our Constitution and create awareness how to defend those human rights from any or all forms of violations. HRVCC is actively working for the strengthening of people’s organisations and to give voice to their struggle for safeguarding their fundamental human rights and motivates their participation in the development model of the country for their economic as well as social development and participates in human rights campaigns organised from time to time at various places across the nation.

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